Worldwide Moment 2011

Monday, November 7th, 2011

In 2007 I created Worldwide Moment – a simple event where friends, families, and strangers around the world were invited to share an experience by taking a photograph… simultaneously.

I chose a random, but memorable time and date: 12:34pm on May 6, 2007 (12:34_5.6.7), based on East Coast U.S. time – where I lived in Virginia.

I didn’t know if anyone would actually participate in that first event. Or if they’d figure out the correct time. But I invited a few people anyway.

I was shocked when nearly 100 people from 20 countries – countries I had never been to, and didn’t know anyone from – ended up submitting their photos from that first Worldwide Moment. I felt not only excited, but obligated, to keep WwM going.

Since then we’ve received some incredible photos each year.

My favorite was taken at the moment of our 2009 event. It’s from the Echostar11 Satellite – a part of the DishTV network – and was coordinated with the help of our friends at Give The World.

I’m proud of WwM. It started as a crazy little idea and turned into an annual event. You may have even noticed that some pretty big companies started hosting similar events.

I’ll be honest: organizing WwM again last year – in addition to trying to make a living as a video producer, photographer, and website manager – took a lot of extra time, energy, and resources that weren’t easy for me to come by. So I’ve been questioning whether I had it in me to host WwM for the 5th time this year.

But after thinking about recent events and revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Japan, Libya, Syria, China, the United States, and elsewhere – countries we’ve received photos from before – I decided that WwM should live on. Now more than ever.

This years Worldwide Moment occurs on November 11 at 11:11AM New York time (where I live now).

You, and everyone, everyone, are invited to participate by simply taking a photograph at that moment and sharing your story on our website www.worldwidemoment.org.

Sorry for the short notice, but better late than never, right?

Brett Brownell


Lomography Contest!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

This post was originally made on October 8, but the contest runs until October 22:

Things are getting exciting with two days remaining until Worldwide Moment!

We’re partnering with our friends at the analogue film community Lomography.com to give away THREE Lomography Diana Mini cameras to Worldwide Moment participants who shoot their WWM10 photo on analogue film! Here are the details:

- Digital photographs are allowed to be submitted to the Worldwide Moment 2010 gallery, but only photos shot on film are eligible for this Lomography Contest.
- Contest photos must be taken at the correct moment: October 10 at 10:10am Greenwich Mean Time.
- Contest photos must be uploaded to the Worldwide Moment website by Friday October 22, 2010 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time / 3:59 am GMT.
- Contest photos must be shot on film (then scanned or converted for upload).
- One contest photo submission allowed per person.
- Contest photo entries must include the tag “Lomography” when uploaded on Worldwide Moment’s website photo uploader.
- Three winners will be selected by Worldwide Moment and Lomography staff.
- Winners will be notified by email by November 1st, 2010.
- Winners will have one week to reply with a shipping address.
- If winner does not reply within one week, the 4th, 5th, 6th place, etc. photographers will have 24 hours to reply.
- One camera per winner will be shipped for free!

Good luck! And remember, if you don’t have a film camera you’re still welcome to participate and upload your photo!



Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Hi everyone, thanks for participating! After so much hard work I hope you enjoyed this experience. To upload your photo visit our homepage and click the upload button. After you submit, we will review for accurate timing and approve the photos. I’m headed out to shoot. Once I’m back we’ll start approving right away!


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